New features: preferred reports, glossary, car overviews

Lap Raptor has added some new features. I find them useful!

User accounts are useful

By signing up for Lap Raptor, you can now set preferences on what your preferred reports are. The two most popular pages are the Drivers stats list and the race pages, so you can now say what your preferred reports are. For instance, I’ve set mine to Experimental on the driver stats page (because I love POMS!) and to Advanced on race pages (POMS!).

Additionally, if you sign into your account, we do not track you. We use Google Analytics to get an idea of how many people are using the site and on what devices to aid in development. If you’re logged in, you’re a friend, and so we don’t load the GA tracking code.


We’re building out a glossary of the various terms we’re introducing, as well as some of the more traditional terms. Hopefully it gives more clarity into what we’re building.

Car overviews

Somehow there’s no place on the internet that answers the question “Who drives the #51?” in a simple, findable format. No more:

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