Tanner Reif

Age: 18

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Season Age Series Starts Wins ASP AFP eARP ASP-FP eGR-LR PFAE Avg. PFAE Laps Led Laps Run %LL %LC
2022 16 ARCA, ARCA West 12 2 7.17 7.83 7.37 -0.67 0.03 7.06 0.589 179 1458 12.28 98.18
2023 17 ARCA, ARCA West 11 0 10.00 9.18 8.71 0.82 0.03 17.77 1.615 0 1409 0.00 94.50
Team Season Series Sponsors Starts Wins Average Start Average Finish
Bob Bruncati 2022 ARCA West Sunrise Racing, Vegas Fastener Manufacturing 11 2 6.27 7.09
Bob Bruncati 2022 ARCA Vegas Fastener Manufacturing 1 0 17.00 16.00
Bill McAnally 2023 ARCA West NAPA Auto Care, NAPA Auto Parts, NAPA BlueDEF, NAPA / BMR Racing 10 0 9.00 8.90
Bill McAnally 2023 ARCA NAPA Auto Parts 1 0 20.00 12.00

eGR-LR (weighted average improvement) relies on the same principles as our retention scores: it's harder to pass for first than it is tenth, due to the differences in quality, and it thus scores improving from fifth to first in a race more than tenth to sixth (and falling from sixth to tenth is judged more harshly than falling from first to fifth).

If you see any numbers that are odd, they probably are, especially if it appears a series if missing a lot of laps led or a driver has the same start as they do finish (in aggregate). We have to do a bit of data cleanup to make things useful, and as a result some missing data is covered up with defaults that hopefully won't pervert the results too much.